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  • LKR1,100
  • Ex Tax: LKR1,100
  • Brands OZONE
  • Product Code: OZEK-162
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Delivery Charge: LKR160
  • Worldwide Delivery: No

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Note : For Srilanka Location Only


lnstruction Manual


Model N o.: aZEK-162



l. Please read these operation instructions through carefully before connecting your

kettle to the power supply, in order to avoid damage due to incorrect use.

2. lncorrect operation and inrproper handling can lead io faults orr the appliance and

injuries to the user.

3. The appliance is designed for household use only

4. Unplug the appliance from power supply when not rn use.

5. Keep the base unit away from damp and protect from splashes

6. Do not immerse the unit, cord or plug water or other liquids. lf this should occur,

remove the piug lmmediately and then have the unit checked by an expert before

using it again.

7. Do not operate the appliance if the cord or plug show signs of damage, if the

appliance has fallen on the floor or has been otherwise damaged. SUCh cases take

the appliance to a specialist for checking and repair if necessary.

8. Ensure that the cord does not hang over sharp edges and keep lt away from hot


9. Only pull it out of the power supply by the plug, not by the cord

10.Place the appliance on a slable surface, away from hot objects (e g. hotplates),

naked flames; do not place under curtains or low wall-cupboards.

ll, You should never leave the appliance unattended during use.

12, Chlldren should never use electrical domestic appliances unsupervised.

13 Use the kettle only with the base unit supplied and do not use the base unit for

any other purposes.

-14. Never remove the kettle from its base unit while in operation. Switch the applian,-:e

off first.

15. Take care to close the lid properly before switching on. Otherwlse, the appliance

will not srvitch off automatically anC hot water may overflow,

16. The kettle is for heating water only and is not to be used for any other liquids


'1. Remove all packing materials from the kettle.

2. Before connecting the kettle check that voltage indicated on the rating

label corresponds to the mains voltage in your home.

3. Fill the kettle with cool water up to the -MAX" mark and boil it. Empty the

kettle. The appliance is ready for use.



l. Remove the kettle from the base unit.

2. You can fr I tne kettlewith wdtervia the spout or by opening the lid by pressrng

on the lid release button.

3 lt is not recommended to fillwith less than I liters of water to prevent the ketle

running dry while operating

4, Fjli the kettle up "MM" mark only. Avoid overfilling to prevent the rr.,ater spilling

out during the boiling process.


1. After filling your kettle with water place the keltie on the base unit.

2. connect plug to power supply and puii down the on/ off switch. The appliance

will begin to operate and the indicator light will come on,


\r/hen the vvater.boils, the ketfle will switch off automatically and the indicator light

will qc off. NorE lThis appliance has a safety system which automatically switches

:ff ihe heating element if the appliance is inadvertenfly switched when empty, or if

rt corls dry. w this case, let the appliance cool down completely, before filling with

\!aier again.



1, Always remove the plug from the power suppry and ret the appriance coor down


2. clean the outside of the ketfle and the base unit with a soft damp cloth, then wipe

with a dry cloth. Do not use scouring materials.

3. Descale at regular intervals. use a descaling agent, which can be obtained from

specialist shops and follow the instructions given,


The cord could be winded in to the base unit that has a cord storage compartment.

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